• Outfits creation contest

    Outfits creation contest (FR version here)

    If something is not clear, please ask me, English isn’t my first language ^^

    Presentation of Kyuu and Roku : http://kyuu-roku.eklablog.com/english-c23317269

    Rules :

    -The theme is « a lighter outfit for the summer », because sometimes they are hot with their pullover.

    - The deadline is 19th May 2019. You can send your entry to hakurokaoru@gmail.com, with your pseudo + a link to credit you (your deviantart, facebook page,…). All entries will be shared on the facebook page with your credits. One entry per person.
    You can post your outfits on your social networks (don’t forget to credit Genshine Kyuu and Roku), but I recommend waiting for the end of the contest so that other contestants don’t get inspired by your work

    - Your entry must be a drawing/sketch of front and of back of the outfit, from the feet to the head. You can show other views or zoom on some details like a complete reference sheet, but only the front and the back are mandatory.

    - You have to create an outfit for Kyuu and for Roku. If only colours are changing, you can copy/paste your first reference sheet and just change the colours.

    - The outfits must be in colour.

    - Only outfits will be judged and not the posture, the drawing,…

    - You cannot use existing outfits or parts of existing outfits.

    I will be the judge for this contest and I’ll choose the winner who will win a 10€ gift voucher to use on Redbubble (where you can purchase Vocaloid goodies). The winning outfits will be used on an illustration (not for commercial purpose), on which you’ll also be credited.
    Even if you don’t win, don’t throw your outfits, they are still your creation and you can use them in other future projects.

    Do you have questions?