• Genshine Kyuu & Roku

    Genshine Kyuu & Roku


    Name :  Genshine (genshi (atom) + ne (sound) )

    First Name : Kyuu and Roku (Nine and Six)

    Model : HK9 and HK6

    Age : 16 (Kyuu is the eldest)

    Height : 5.5 feet / 168 cm

    Weight : 121 lbs / 55 kg

    Gender : Male

    Birthday : 6 september

    Nationality : Belgian

    Item : Handcuffs

    Voice Source : Hakuro Kaoru

    Design : Hakuro Kaoru (concept) + Shimapan (drawer)


    Help for fanarts :

    Kyuu is the one with the red/black clothes, Roku the yellow/white clothes. Their pullover have a hood. If you make fanarts, you don't have to lower Kyuu's pullover, he can wear it properly like Roku x)

    Hair : Green

    Eyes : Red


    Personality :

    Kyuu and Roku are inseperable, they prefer to stay together than go toward other people and they didn't give easily their trust. As a result, they seem asocial and cold towards other people. But when someone get to gain the confidence of them, they can be very sweet with him. They are curious, playful and they would not hesitate to annoy someboby they don't like. They are also jealous and possessive.

    It's Kyuu, the older brother, who is the leader. He is more aggressive, impulsive, blinkered and easily offended than his twin. He take offence and complain easily, and his distrust can make him look unpleasant. While Kyuu can be asocial, Roku is just shy. He is more quiet and sweet, and he always follow his brother. He is also more fragile and naive.


    Like : Their twin, chocolate, french fries, green vegetables, lollipop

    Dislike : That somebody hurt their brother or, on the contrary, that they hang round him, to be seperated, losing.

    Supplemental Information : They both have a keychain with a devil, a red for Kyuu, a yellow for Roku. They usually have a "9" and a "6" on their clothes.

    Related Character :

    -Namidane Haru (Senpai)

    Pikaru Itamine (friend)

    Usage Policy and Licensing of Genshine Kyuu & Roku :

    Gensine Kyuu & Roku are created by Hakuro Kaoru.

    Users shall not impersonate the creator of them and/or plagiarize the copyright.

    Genshine Kyuu & Roku © Hakuro Kaoru.

    If you use them in covers, chorus, drawings, ..., you can show me your work (I'll be very glad ! ) : hakurokaoru@gmail.com


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  • Commentaires

    Historyteller Profil de Historyteller
    Mercredi 10 Juillet 2013 à 15:01

    Will you make this post in french or not ? I mean, will it be an English blog ? (xD)

    Kyuu-Roku Profil de Kyuu-Roku
    Jeudi 11 Juillet 2013 à 10:55

    I will make it in French too (and maybe Japanese) ;)

    Il faut juste que je réfléchisse à comment faire ça clairement ^^

    Historyteller Profil de Historyteller
    Jeudi 11 Juillet 2013 à 13:27

    Je vois :) Courage à toi ! o/

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