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    Contest MMD



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    Make a picture using the MMD model of Genshine Kyuu and/or Roku !

    --> Contest is finished!

    Download the models here (models by YoiStyle)

    Rules :

    (I’m sorry I’m not an english speaker, if you don't understand something please tell me).

    - Your picture should contain at least Kyuu or Roku. You can add more characters, but only virtual singers (for this contest anyhow).

    - You can participate with 3 pictures maximum.

    - The end date to send your pictures is : 22th July

    - The subject matter is open (you can make something happy, sad, funny,...)

    - You can’t use/load an already existing pose, you have to create it yourself.

    - You have to mention all the necessary credits (background, accessories,...)

    - You cannot edit YoiStyle's models!

    -You can send your pictures by private message or post it yourself (if you do so, tag the facebook page, the twitter account,...). I’ll confirm the participations so if I don't reply to you, it means I didn't see your pictures and please insist! If you post your picture yourself, please credit YoiStyle for the models, Genshine Kyuu and Roku for the characters.

    - It is not mandatory, but feel free to share this contest! :)


    There will be two stages:

    1) I’ll select 3 pictures for the final

    2) People will vote on Facebook between the 3 pictures and choose the winner

     If there are less than 3 participations, we will move on directly to the next stage and I’ll vote as one person.

     If there are more than 15 participations, 5 pictures will be chosen for the final, and the person in the second position will also have a prize! (Be careful: you can send several pictures, but you can only win one prize. The second prize is indeed for the person who will finish second, not for the second picture to be chosen. The winner will choose between the two prizes, and the second will have the other prize.

    Prizes :

     Win the two sets of stickers:

    - Vocaloid Set 1 3x4" Kiss Cut Sticker Sheet : http://hideawaymelon.tictail.com/product/vocaloid-set-1-3x4-kiss-cut-sticker-sheet

    - Vocaloid Set 2 3x4" Kiss Cut Sticker Sheet : http://hideawaymelon.tictail.com/product/vocaloid-set-2-3x4-kiss-cut-sticker-sheet

    + Another prize may be added! (See previous paragraph)